I love Markdown

Thank you, John Gruber. Thank you for Markdown.

I love Markdown. I write my posts in Markdown. I write my notes in Markdown. I write everything in Markdown. If you’re unfamiliar, Markdown is basically an alternative to HTML. It lets you make your text bold or italic without having to know things like </b> and </i>, though you probably should use CSS instead of those HTML tags. I digress.

The reason Markdown is so important is that it’s everywhere. You may have used it without even realizing. Lots of forums allow Markdown in your responses. If you’ve ever included a link in a Reddit comment then you’ve used Markdown.

To learn more about it, you can check out John Gruber’s project page on it. If you like systems and workflow, AppStorm did a nice writeup with 35+ Markdown apps for the Mac.

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